Air Conditioning Repair and Service

Residential Plumbing, Heating & Cooling offers air conditioning repair and installation services to any home that needs to cool down. The Midwest deals with a lot of humidity during the summer, and functioning air conditioning is the best way to deal with it. Whether it’s a first-time installation for your home or a routine visit from one of our experienced technicians, your home is in good hands. By taking advantage of our excellent services, you provide your home with dependable, modern cooling systems that will last for years to come. Importantly, you also work with a team who wants your air conditioning to work best for your home. With the experience we have working with air conditioning systems in a variety of homes, we’ll help you determine what the best way your home can beat the heat.

Reach out today to learn more about our professional air conditioning services or to get scheduled. Our team always works to respond to your needs by the next business day.

Beat the Heat With Cooling System Services

  • AC sales
  • AC installations
  • AC repairs
  • AC preventative maintenance
  • Filter changes
  • Duct installations
  • Freon leak detection and repair
  • Attic venting
A mother, father, and their two children enjoy their living room after receiving air conditioning repair.

Labor and Manufacturer Warranties

Alongside our 55 years of experience, Residential Plumbing, Heating & Cooling stays fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We also offer a 90-day warranty on labor and a manufacturer warranty for materials used on each project. These warranties help us to continue providing the highest quality air conditioning services available in our service areas. Whether your home suffers from high heat and humidity or you want to have a professional perform regular maintenance, we’re here to help. If your air conditioning unit needs attention, call us today!